Jerry school, an institution which is training primary and secondary school-based students, was set up by Zhang Jiancheng and his professional team.

Mr. Zhang graduated from the School of Foreign Studies in Peking University, and now he is a famous basic English education expert, the expert of domestic examination, the chairman and president of Beijing Jierui Tianxia Educational Technology. Co., Ltd., as well.

Happy thinking English
The pioneer of domestic brands in young learner English. It covers the pronunciation and writing.... more

3T English
3T Advanced English covers vocabulary, common sentence structures, practice of listening... more

Mathematics courses in Jerry School focus on the learning effects and resolve the most actual... more

Physics courses in Jerry School combine experiments with content in order to make the students have... more

Today, Jerry School has developed into an educational institution of primary and secondary school which...

1. The first special feature of Jerry School is Full-time teachers.
2. The second special feature of Jerry School is that all the textbooks are exclusively designed and developed by our professional teachers.
3. The third special feature of Jerry School is that we have turned the boring grammatical expressions into short rhyming sentences.
4. The fourth special feature of Jerry School is that we have a well formed teaching assistant system.
5. Teaching quality controlling system guarantees the phenomenal result of our school.

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